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Balloon Dog Sculpture

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Looking for a gift for yourself or a friend? Our Balloon Dog Sculpture collection would be perfect for you and your loved ones!

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  • Details: This beautiful Balloon Dog Sculpture resin sculpture is here to stay, by capturing our precious childhood memories, without the threat of deflating away. Our balloon dogs aim to multiply the number of smiles sparked in viewers of all ages. The resin finish of this and its playful aesthetics serve as a bridging mechanism between the art world and our popular culture!
  • Material: Handmade from a high-quality resin material, which is durable and stable to use. Built to greatly strict quality control standards, so it has a stable and excellent performance`
Length x Height
Gold, White, Gold White

7.8 in x 7.5 in /

20 cm x 19 cm

Red, Blue, Orange, Green, Yellow

9 in x 7.5 in /

23 cm x 19 cm


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