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Ochna Sculpture Planter

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  • Details: Bring modern visuals and interest to your garden using these Ochna Sculpture Planters. As a modern ceramic plant pot with Ochna flowers detail, it features a stylish design with drainage, efficiently help plants breathe better. This planter can be used as a vase, decorative figurine, or in a practical sense to drop your keys and jewelry.
  • MaterialHandmade from a high-quality resin material, which is durable and stable to use. Built to greatly strict quality control standards, and it has a stable and excellent performance, so it becomes a perfect decoration piece that matches any interior design.
  • Available in six colors: Blue, Navy, Beige, Gray, Pink, and Purple, and two sizes.
Height x Width

6.3 x 5.5 in /

16 x 14 cm


11.5 x 7.8 in /

30 x 20 cm