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Spherical Ceramic Planter

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  • Details: Alone or holding a small bundle of vase filler, this Spherical Ceramic Planter with bold shapes makes a cool pattern in modern and contemporary homes and offices. The smallmouth can display a small bunch of botanicals, but this decorative vase also makes for an eye-catching stand-alone accent decor centerpiece. 
  • Material: It is manufactured from clay, quartz, and minerals such as calcite and is defined as a ceramic product. The vase is molded at very high temperatures using casting techniques. The high temperatures during the firing process make stoneware more stable than clay and less translucent than porcelain.
Height x Width
A 4.8 in x 2.4 in / 12 cm x 6 cm
B 4 in x 5 in / 10 cm x 13 cm
C 4 in x 4.8 in / 10 cm x 12 cm
D 10.5 in x 3.7 in / 27 cm x 9.5 cm
E 6.3 in x 4.7 in / 16 cm x 12 cm
F 5.3 in x 3.8 in / 13.5 ccm x 9.5 cm